"The guys did a great job. We have a lot of windows and I asked for inside and outside windows to be done. I’m picky and he did a fantastic job."

Brenda B - Sherwood Park

"Excellent workmanship. And super nice guys."

Rhonda R - Edmonton

"A Colleague referred Chris to me. He did a great job. He did my whole house, windows - inside and out, screens and tracking. He is fantastic and very quick too! I encourage you to call him for a quote on your home. Thanks again Chris!"

Sonia C - Sales Manager, Mobile Mortgage Specialists

"We hired Chris and his team to take care of all high dusting at the Hudson's downtown location. Their service was excellent, they were prompt, professional and did an outstanding job! They cleaned our duct work, bric-a-brac, ceiling fans and high shelves. Even though the dust was very thick they cleaned it without any air contamination. We will definitely have The Clean Shiny Window Co. back!"

Adam C - General Manager, Hudson's Downtown

“The level of service at The Clean Shiny Window Co. is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by their work. Thank you!”

Abbey K- Edmonton, Alberta

"We have used The Clean Shiny Window Company for several homes and have always found their work professional. They are courteous and prompt and always do the work within the time allotted. They are cleaning the windows on our very large homes that have been under construction. These windows are usually dotted with stucco, have stickers on them and often have a great deal of paint. The Clean Shiny Window Company is able to make the windows look great. I recommend Chris Biel and his company to anyone that wants their windows cleaned."

Carol Lotzgeselle - Rosecrest Homes Ltd.

"Holy Cow!! They're REALLY CLEAN!"

Linda - South Edmonton

"We love the work every time! Both Chris and his staff are very pleasant and professional. It has been such a relief to find a reliable window cleaner. Chris does in 4 hours what took us an entire weekend to do! What a time saver."

Mark and Lisa L - St Albert, Alberta

"We've worked with The Clean Shiny Window Company for the past year. What a pleasure it is to have found such a reliable, professional and thorough window cleaning service. We would gladly recommend The Clean Shiny Window Company to anyone."

Shirley Clean - Edmonton

"I've been a customer of The Clean Shiny Window Co. for 5 years now. Chris and his team clean my windows inside and out and I often have them do high dusting whenever that is needed. It is great to have someone as trustworthy as Chris. I am always impressed!"

Sandra S - Sherwood Park

"The Clean Shiny Window Co. is fantastic. The work is consistently excellent, the price is reasonable and the customer service is amazing."

Arlene H - Edmonton

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